Grace Morgan

RAMÉ | Finis | Interview

Nature and literature - these are good for the soul. In my art, I celebrate the beauty of the natural world and pay tribute to the classic narratives, and the garments I create are meant to look as though they've lived in a story and grown out of the earth.

Look 1

/// Ramé

This dress is based on the ancient Greek Dorian and Ionian chiton. The two fabrics used were embroidered linen (top) and rayon blend (bottom), and sewn together at the waist using a french seam. The shoulders are secured simply with a button at either side of the neck and the waist is sinched by a rope that hangs down.

Look 2

/// Finis

The two-piece look is composed of a capelet with a stand collar, made of embroidered linen, and a wrap dress. The bodice of the wrap dress was lined with a poly blend and overlayed with lace, and the skirt is made of a rayon blend. The dress buttons at the waist, and the capelet pulls over the head.

/// Meet Grace

Passion, it has been said, is what consumes your heart and soul. Growing up in a home surrounded by men and women who create, it is no wonder that Grace chose to be a creator - it is more as if the "creator" chose her. She grew up in a home that nurtured creativity of all kinds, and she has continued to take the memories and values of her childhood and center her creative work around them.

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